Simon Says Game

Simon Says game is one of the fun kids birthday party games and a cool concentration game.

This is another beloved children's classic your parents and grandparents played.

Listen closely for those two magic words, or you will find yourself quickly out of the round!

Sit down! Stand up! No - don't do it unless the master tells you to!

We played this at school many times on lunch breaks or when the kids were out on the playground.

It hones their listening and critical thinking skills.

It gets them moving and, most importantly, it gets them laughing!

The Pre-Show

4 or more players
Ages: 4 and up

Have Fun!

One player is the leader (Simon). The other kids scatter around the room (or yard) facing him.

The play begins with the leader calling out activities for the other players to do.

He can call out "hop on one foot", "act like a monkey", "sing Old McDonald", or anything he can come up with.

The players must do as they're told, but only if the command starts out with "Simon says".

A player who does an action without being told that, is out of the round.

And, a player who does not do an action after hearing that is also out.

The winner is the last remaining player and she is the new Simon.

The kids will go along performing all the actions that Simon tells them to until they slip up and do one he didn't tell them to do!

It's funny wondering how you messed that up!


This is another activity that is great for dividing the kids up and having them play in teams.

Play for a set number of minutes. When time is up, the team with the most players remaining wins.

Or give a booby prize. The team with the most kids out of the round will win that.

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