Silly Names

Silly Names is one of the fun learning games for kids and educational toddler games.

Ages 2 - 5


Using people pictures in magazines or people on tv, pick a first name and have your child pick a funny name to go before the first name.

If you see a little girl on tv singing, say to your child, "Her name is Cindy. What's her silly first name?"

Your child could say "music" because she's singing. Or "note" because a note is in music.

A basketball player with longs arms could be called "Long Arm Andy"; a track runner could be called "Quick Clinton."

A football player who's husky could be called "round Robert".

This silly names activity lets your child use his imagination while associating something that this person is doing or saying with a creative name.

Explain why the funny name goes with the activity the person is doing.

Your child sees someone cutting the grass. His name could be "weedy William" or "plowing Patrick".

A swimmer on television could be called "Underwater Uncle Billy".

A man dressed in a suit could be called "Wall Street Walter". A person on a bicycle is "Pedaling Philip".

Let your kids have fun with this!


If you're brave enough, let your child give funny names to his parents, his brothers and sisters and the family pets! Then let him give one to himself!

Have your child make a face and look in the mirror at himself. What would his funny name be now?

The Name Game

Ages 2 - 5


Describe to your child what a first, middle and last name are. Then tell him what each of his names are.

Tell him how you chose his first and middle names. Describe why all of your family has the same last name but not the first names.

Tell him what a nickname is and if he has one, tell him how he got his nickname.

Let him make up nicknames for family members or the family pet. Ask him why he chose those names.

Ask him if he knows his brothers, sisters, mom's and dad's first and middle names.

Explain how his name makes him a unique person. Explain why he's the only one in his family with that name. If he's a junior, why is "junior" added on to his name and not his sister's name?

There may be other people in the world with his name, but explain how he is a unique person and noone, not even someone with the same name, will ever be like him.

If he was allowed to choose his name, what name would he give himself now? Why would he chose that name? Where did he hear that name before?

Maybe in school or on tv?

Tell her why most people have three names. What makes a girl's name popular for girls and a boy's name popular for boys? Does she think a boy's name is good for a girl?

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