Shuffle Game

Shuffle Game makes for great indoor and fun birthday party games for kids.

This needs to be played in a larger room where kids have room to shuffle wall to wall.

If the room is fairly large, starting and finish lines may be made with tape about 25 feet apart.

Smaller rooms won't need to be marked off.

Players should be shoeless (bare feet or socks are fine!).

Each player gets 2 sheets of paper.

Children will get lots of laughs as it seems sometimes their feet move on their own and just slide off of the paper!

The Pre-Show

2 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need: 2 sheets of construction paper or other paper that will slide across an indoor floor


Players line up at the starting line.


Test this out on hardwood or laminate floors, as it may be too slippy for the kids to safely play.

The adult leader calls out, "Ready, set, GO!" and players begin shuffling along the floor towards the finish line.

Depending on the number of kids, this may be an each kid for himself race, or teams of twos may be made up.

For larger groups, divide the children into groups of 3 or 4 kids.

While shuffling towards the finish line players must keep their feet on the paper.

If they don't, they have to return to the starting line and begin again.

The winner can be the first player to cross the finish line. Have fun trying to beat your friends!


Or, players can reach the finish line, turn around, and shuffle back, crossing the starting line.

In this, the player who crosses the starting line first wins.

You can also play elimination and if a child's feet comes off of the paper they are out of the round.

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