Shirt Off My Back

Shirt Off My Back is one of the fun team building games for kids and one of the cool indoor activities.

This fun race activity can be played outdoors as well.

This teaches kids the importance of patience!

It's not easy to get the shirt off when the two players are holding hands.

This is definitely an activity of teamwork and collaboration.

Players have to work together figuring out the best way to get the shirt off in the fastest amount of time.

Hang in there, you will eventually figure it out!

Before You Start

8 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: 2 oversized shirts


Divide the players up into teams of 4 players. Each team receives an oversized tee shirt.

One player on each team puts the shirt on over his clothes and then he holds hands with another teammate.

This teammate will be the recipient of the player's shirt.

After hearing, "Ready, set, GO"! the fun begins!

Player # 1's shirt must now be transferred to player # 2. Players # 1 and 2 must hold hands while the other team members do the transfer.

Once the shirt has been transferred, player # 2 holds hands with player # 3 and the shirt transfer begins again.

Play continues until each team member has worn the shirt.

It's Over

The team who transfers the shirt around their circle the fastest wins.


You can also try playing this with an oversized shirt with buttons on it.

You may think it's easier to play with buttons, but actually it may be a bit more tricky!

Try both types of clothing to see which one is easier.

Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to get the piece of clothing off faster as you go down the line.

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