Shapes Game

The shapes game is one of the good preschool kids games and kids interactive games.


Ages: 2 - 5
Need index cards

Have Fun!

You will need 16 index cards. Separate these into 4 piles of 4 cards each.

On one set draw circles, another set squares, another set rectangles and the last set triangles.

Mix the cards up and put them face down on the floor or table by your child.

Have him pick the first card on top of the deck and start a pile.

He'll keep drawing cards, either starting a new pile (there will be 4 total piles) or placing a card on top of a pile that matches the card he's chosen.

When the deck of cards has all been overturned, you can shuffle and play again.

Talk about the different shapes as your child draws the cards. Say how a circle is like the sun.

Or a square is like a box. A triangle can be the shape of the Christmas tree.

What is your child's favorite shape? Why is it his favorite?

Let him color in his different shapes. Have him notice the angles on the triangle and the smooth roundness of the circle.

Talk about the rectangle being long and skinny. What objects can he find in the room that are shaped like a rectangle? Maybe the flat screen tv?

Can he find any objects around him shaped like a circle, square and triangle?

Have him name the objects. Ask him why the sun is round and not square.

Why is the moon round? Let him get creative with his answers.

Enjoy shapes game.

Shell Game

One of the fun beach, outdoor and discovery games for children.


Ages: 2 - 5
Need seashells, bucket


The ocean is the perfect place for this.

Make sure your child has his beach bucket with him. Walk along the beach and shoreline and have him collect as many shells as he can fit in his bucket.

When he's done, sit on your blanket on the beach and empty his bucket onto the blanket.

Have him play two activities.

1. Let him match all the seashells that are the same color.

2. Have him line up the shells, side by side, in order of smallest to largest. Then from largest to smallest.

Then have him count the number of shells that he has collected.

Is this an odd or even number?

See if he can divide the shells into two groups with the same number of shells.

If he can, then he has an even number of shells. If he can't then he has an odd number.

Take two shells away from him. Ask him how many shells he has left.

Give him those two back. Now how many does he have?

Then take three shells away and ask him how many he has left. Then give him all three back.

Let him describe the colors of his shells. Are any two alike? Are they exactly the same? Why or why not?

Let him keep a few shells to take him as a souvenir from his trip to the beach.

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