Sentence Building

Sentence Building is one of the cool word games for kids, fun brain games and challenging kids car play.

Players must know what verbs, adjectives, and nouns are and be able to make sentences using them in that exact order.

If they don't, this will be too challenging for them.

As such, this is best played by kids who are in the 4th or 5th grade and older.

These won't be suitable for younger children who haven't been taught these English concepts.

This is fairly challenging, even for adults! Parents, try playing with your kids a few rounds and see how you do!

English teachers can incorporate this into their lesson plans.

Before Play Begins

Ages 9 and up
2 or more players


Begin with the first player saying, "I'm going to . . ." He then names a place, then a verb, adjective and noun to complete his sentence.

Since he is starting the game, his words start with "A".

Example, "I'm going to Alabama to accept Academy Awards."

Player # 2 goes using the letter "B". "I'm going to Boston to bake brown beans."

Player # 3 takes her turn, using the letter "C".

"I'm going to California to cook chicken casseroles".

The next kid goes and can say, "I'm going to Dallas to dive into Danson Springs".

The next player can say, "I'm going to England to eat eggplant."

You can choose to eliminate the letters "Q" and "X" if these are too difficult.

If a player cannot come up with a sentence using his letter, he is out. The last remaining player is the winner.

We hope you have fun playing this with your friends and family!

You can set a time limit of 30 seconds in which a player needs to come up with a sentence or he is out.

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