Secret Word

Secret Word is great for indoor and outside party games and car games for kids.

This is great for a larger group.

Get together with all your friends and have a great time!

You don't need any special items, so it's fun to get the kids together and get them up and playing!


Ages 8 and up
2 or more players


Begin with one player picking a letter from the alphabet.

He then comes up with a 3 letter word beginning with that letter, and a clue that is one sentence long and describes his word.

Example, he chooses "B" and the word "bat". He can say, "B plus 2 letters is used in baseball."

Player # 2 tries to guess the word.

If she is correct, she comes up with a 4 letter word also beginning with "B" (or whatever letter the previous player had chosen).

She chooses "book" and says, "B plus 3 letters is what you read."

Player # 3 guesses the word correctly and chooses a 5 letter word starting with "B". He says, "B plus 4 letters is babbling water".

Player # 4 answers "brook".

Play continues in this manner. After each correct guess, another letter is added to each word.

Another example; the next correct guesser can choose "black" instead of "brook" and can say, "B plus 4 letters is the opposite color of white."

If a player cannot guess the word or cannot come up with a new word, he is out. The last remaining player is the winner.

You can limit the length of words if you want. 8 letters is usually a good number.

Try and let each kid get a chance to pick a word. For large groups, you can also set a time limit.

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