Scavenger Hunt Game

This scavenger hunt game is one of the fun outdoor, halloween party games for kids and indoor party games for kids.

If played indoors you'll need to let the kids search in at least 3 rooms.

Be sure to have breakable items out of the way while the children play.

If outside, be sure to have a large enough area where you can hide different objects.

For indoor play, anything found inside the house makes good seeking objects.

Candy, coins, photos, toys, fruit, and crayons are some ideas for your list.

Maybe you can come up with other fun objects.

Before You Begin

2 or more players
Ages: 7 and up
Need small objects to hide, pencil, paper, timer, plastic bags


You can write the object on paper for younger kids. For older kids, you can describe the object they are searching for.

Example, one of the items is an apple. You can write, "I'm a food and can be red or green. I grow on a tree."

For outdoor play, rocks, leaves and tree limbs are good objects.


Make sure this is played in a yard under adult supervision and not on streets or near ponds or lakes. Safety first!

Begin by giving each player a plastic bag and the list of items to find. Set a time limit, 20 minutes is good.

Players then start looking for the items on their list.

It's best to give each person or team a different set of items. Unless you have a number of the same items to hide.

The End

The winner is either the person who finds all the objects first, or the player with the most objects after 20 minutes is up.


This can also be played as a team building activity for kids.

The first team to collect all the objects (or the most objects in 20 minutes) wins.

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