Sardines Game

Sardines Game is one of the fun kids outdoor games and team building games for kids.

Find out how small you can go in this activity that's a tight squeeze!

This can be played indoors or outdoors, wherever there's lots of places for kids to hide.

Safety first. If played outside be sure to supervise where the kids hide.

Keep them away from streets, ponds, lakes, swimming pools and other unsafe areas.

The hiding space will need to be big enough for all the kids to fit in.

Ideas are behind a big tree, in a closet, behind curtains.

Before You Play

6 or more players
Ages: 7 and up

The Fun Starts

Begin with all but one player closing their eyes. That one player must hide while the others count to 50.

After the counting is done, one player searches for the hiding player. The other players keep their eyes closed and count to 50 again.

If the hiding player is found, the searching player hides with him in the same place.

If the searcher doesn't find him, he's out.

Play continues with each counter seeking out the hider(s).

When each counter has been a searcher, the play is over.


The winners are the kids who found the hider and have joined him in the hiding place.


This is a fun play idea that you may set a time limit on. If you have a large group of kids, you may want to set a 20 minute time limit.

This is a very fun activity that kids can play at school.


Are you looking for new play ideas for the kids to play at recess or while they are in gym class?

Activities like these introduce originality, exercise and creative thinking skills as they figure out where the hider is hiding.

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