Running Bases

Running Bases is one of the cool outside games and fun picnic games for kids.

Put your running shoes on and get ready to run as fast as you can!

Before You Play

3 players
Ages 7 and up
Need: soft kick ball or baseball and gloves, chalk or sticks


Make or mark 2 bases, about 40 feet apart diagonally.

Two players stand on the bases while the other will be the runner. He stands on one of the bases.

The two players who are not runners, begin the game by throwing the ball back and forth between them, catching it.

The runner has to try and run from one base to the other without being tagged by the players throwing and catching the ball.

If he's tagged, he's out.

He trades places with the player who tagged him and the game continues.

If the runner reaches the other base, he's safe.

It takes getting to 4 bases before the player gets one point.

He's hoping the players throwing and catching will drop the ball, allowing him to run to the other base.

If the thrown ball goes out of the playing area, the runner can run back and forth to as many bases as he can without being tagged.

If the runner starts running to the other base but changes his mind and comes back to the base he was standing at, no points are given.

Drum Rolls . . .

At the end of a preset amount of time, the player with the most points wins.

Kids can get a good amount of exercise with this game, especially if a ball goes out of bounds, and he gets to run all the bases!

He or she can also pick up a lot of points, too!

Have fun playing this with your friends!

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