Rigmarole is one of the great memory games, and one of the fun interactive games for kids.

It can be played anywhere as you don't need any items.

Just gather some kids, be ready for fun, and let the action begin.

This can be played with the kids at home, when traveling or any time you want to sharpen your mind - and the kids'!

Parents, challenge your kids to see who has the sharpest mind!

This is great for training young minds to remember things.

This not only helps in every day life, but also in school when memorization is needed for tests.

Before You Play

2 or more players
Ages 8 and up

Have Fun!

Players must call out phrases with each word in the phrase beginning with a specific letter or letter sound.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Once you play a round or two, you'll figure it out pretty quickly!

Player # 1 calls out a 3 word phrase that starts with "one." For example, she can call out "one orange oyster."

Player # 2 has to repeat her phrase and add a 3 word phrase beginning with "two" (example, "two tiny toddlers").

Player # 3 repeats both player # 1 and player # 2's phrases and adds her own phrase beginning with "three" (example, "three total tens").

Play continues up to "ten" then starts over at "one" again.

A player who cannot remember the previous phrases or cannot add a phrase of his own is out.


The winner is the last player standing. He then starts another round.

You can put the kids into teams and play a set number of rounds. The winning team is the team with the most wins.

It gets more difficult to remember each phrase as you go down the numbers.

If you're playing with young kids or a smaller group, you can go up to 5, 6 or 7 instead of 10.

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