Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light is one of the good multiplayer games for kids.

It's also one of the very cool outdoor activities!

Another beloved classic passed down from parents to children for years and years.

It gets the kids outside, away from the computer and into good old fashioned fun with lots of their friends.

This can be played at school, too.

It's great for gym class games for elementary children.

They can also play this outdoors during recess time on the playground.


4 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need: chalk or sticks to make a line


One player is the light. He stands facing a tree, wall or fence.

Make a line about 25 feet from the light. All the other players line up in a row along this line.

The light shouts out "green light" which means the players move forward as fast as they can.

When the light calls out "red light", he turns to face the players who must immediately stop.

If the light sees someone moving on "red light", he sends her back to the starting line.

The light turns around with his back towards the players again and shouts out "green light". Play continues in this manner.

As an alternative, the player(s) who are caught moving on a red light can be out of the round.

They will sit out until this round is over and a new round begins.

And . . .

The winner is the first player who touches the light. She then is the next light.


This may be played in teams, too. The team with the most players left at the end of the game wins.

You can set a time limit on the play. Let the children come up with a time.

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