Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit Hunt is a dodge ball game and one of the cool kids outside games. It can also be played indoors in a gym.

Don't worry!

You're not actually going to hunt bunnies or harm them, so you can have fun playing this with your friends!

This activity gets kids up and moving. They get exercise while having fun!

Before You Start

6 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: kick ball


Use a soft ball, no hard throwing and no aiming at the chest, head or neck.

Always put safety first.

Begin by naming one player the hunter. The other players are the rabbits.

The hunter tries to hit as many rabbits with the ball as he can.

He can run after the rabbits but he needs to bounce the ball while he's running.

He cannot carry the ball and run.

Rabbits can block a ball with their hands and arms. If the ball touches a rabbits hands and arms, he is safe.

However if he is hit in the back and below the waist, he becomes another hunter.

Now the new hunter and original hunter continue to hunt rabbits and eliminate them by hitting them with the ball.

They must pass the ball back and forth between them as they move closer to the rabbits.

This gets more tricky the more hunters there are.

The more hunters, the more difficult it becomes not to get hit.

And . . .

The winner is the last rabbit standing.


Play as many rounds as you'd like, depending on the number of players and how long it takes to get a winner.

You can also put a time limit on the rounds. When the time is over, there may be more than one winner.

The winner(s) is/are the number of rabbits left.

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