Quango is one of the problem solving games for kids! It takes concentration and skill!

It may be confusing at first but it's still one of the fun kid activities that you can play.

Before You Begin

2 - 4 players
Ages 6 and up
Need standard deck of cards and
Paper and pencils

Almost Ready

Please read the rules and instructions for Crazy Eights then follow the instructions below for this.

It's played in a similar manner, but a different card will be the wild card.

You'll find this as fast and action packed as the other one!


Aces, not eights, are wild in this. Once you play this a few times it won't seem as confusing!

If a player plays any jack or eight, she gets to take another turn.

If she plays a seven, the next player has to play a seven. If he can't, he has to pick two cards from the middle card pile.

Then, the next player must play a seven if she can. If she can't, she has to pick cards from the middle pile.

This continues until a seven is played. Once a second seven is played the game can return to normal.

The second seven's suit is now the new active suit.


A suit is spades, diamonds, hearts or clubs.

Play as a family and everyone will learn what a fun activity this is. Stay with it, and you'll soon pick it up.

It takes a bit of practice but you'll soon add it to your regular family fun night!

Then you'll wonder why you ever thought this was hard!

It's nice to try something new and learn a new play idea. This definitely will prove a challenging and fun activity for both kids and parents!

See who can win the most rounds. Keep score!

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