Pyramid Game

Pyramid Game is one of the fun checkers games and indoor games for kids.

Go ahead and jump the other player's pieces as much as you want!

You won't get to collect his pieces in this!

Before You Begin

2 players
Ages: 7 and up
Need checkerboard


Players choose black or red checkers and get 10 each.

They arrange their pieces on the black squares in a pyramid shape.

Don't put your pieces on the red squares!

On the row closest to them they put 4 checkers, the next row 3, the next row 2, and the next row 1.

The player with the black checkers starts and makes one move.

He can move one space forward diagonally staying on the black squares. No backward moves are allowed.


Jumps are allowed over an opponent's piece if there is an empty square beyond it.

The piece jumped over remains on the board where it was and is not removed.

A player cannot jump over his own piece.


The winner is the player who gets to the opposite side of the board, in the same triangular formation his opponent started with.

It's a bit trickier to reach your opponent's side in the exact same way his pieces started out.

But then that player's pieces are set up to begin a new round!

You can play another round and switch colors. That way the player who had the red piece will be the first to start.

More Info

This differs from checkers in that the opponent's piece stays on the board when it is jumped!

You may automatically reach for the piece to take it off the board.

If you do, just put it back!

You'll learn this after a couple times of play, and it won't be as hard as it may sound.

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