Purple Things

Your child discovers purple things in this fun activity.

It's one of the fun toddler craft ideas and preschool kids games.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: magazine and newspapers, index cards, glue or tape, purple crayons


Look through papers and magazines with your child to find pictures that have purple in or things that are purple.

Cut them out and help him glue or tape them onto index cards.

Talk about other things that are purple and get him to show you purple items in the room.

Show him the different purple shades of crayons, telling him the name of each one.

Then let her create her own masterpiece on one of the index cards.

Have her pick out clothes she has that are purple. Are any of them the same shade?


Have her look at the lighter shades of purple. Then look at the darker shades of purple.

Does she like purple? Have her name some fruits that are purple. There's grapes and plums.

There are flowers that are purple. There are purple popsicles and purple grape drinks.

Walls in houses can be purple. Towels can be purple. Even hair can be colored purple!

Women can paint their fingernails and toenails purple. Earrings can be purple. Even eyes can be purple with colored contact lenses!

Tropical fish are purple. There are purple cars, purple bikes and purple scooters.

You probably won't find a purple dog or cat but some species of birds have purple undertones.

Enjoy your purple things!

Fun Ribbon Crafts

These are educational learning activities for preschoolers. Your little ones will love these ideas!

Before You Begin

Ages 2 - 5
Need: different color ribbons


There's no limit to the imagination in what you can make with ribbons!

Have as many colors as you can and ask your child to name the colors. What else does she know that are that color?

If you have stick on bows, give your child a piece of paper and let him stick different colors on the paper to make a collage.

If you have ribbons used for wrapping, let your child help you wrap Christmas presents and tie into bows.

You can put ribbons in your child's hair or let your child wrap ribbons around each other and make a necklace or bracelet.

Let her intertwine as many colors as you have to make a pretty bracelet or hair ribbon.

Get creative and let her make shoelaces in her special colors for her shoes.

Let her draw a picture of herself on paper and have her attach ribbons on the picture on her hair.

If you have a female pet, let her make a ribbon for in the dog's hair or around the collar.

Boys may not prefer this craft as much as girls will!

He may want to help you wrap presents but that may be it!

You can also use the ribbons to make a pretty Christmas tree. Get the kids to tie ribbons on the tree branches.

They can also be tied around a wreath and around the base of candles.

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