Proverbs is one of the fun guessing games and cool kids games.

You have to know old sayings to play this well!


3 or more players
Ages 12 and up

Let's Go!

One player is the guesser and covers his ears (or moves away if he can hear). The group of players decide on an old saying.

Example, "Birds of a feather flock together."

The guesser comes back to the group and asks each player a question. The questions can be on whatever subject the guesser chooses.

Example, "What did you have for lunch today?" The questions aren't as important as the answers are.

The words chosen in the players answers will provide clues as to what the saying is.

Every answer has to have a word from the saying in it. Answer # 1 will have the first word, answer # 2 the second word and so on.

Answers must include a word from the saying and should try and make sense.

Example, player # 1 could answer the question, "Where did you go last night?" with "I went to the zoo and saw lions, tigers, birds and monkeys."

Player #2's answer to the question "What did you have for breakfast?" could be, "I had cream of rice cereal." See how each answer contains the word in its correct order?

Continue until all the answers have been given that contain all the words of the saying. The last player tells the guesser all the words have been said.

If the guesser doesn't know the phrase, he can ask more questions and the players can again use the proverb words, in order, in their answers.

After 3 different tries, the guesser is told the answer. A new player is chosen as the guesser in the second round.

You can choose a number of rounds, depending on the number of players involved, and the winner will be the player who wins the most rounds.

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