Printable Bible Games

Bible games for children allow printable bible games that can be printed off and taken wherever your Sunday school, youth group or religion class meets.

Parents can teach preschool bible games to their kids at home to help foster love of God and of the bible.

Biblical play ideas for kids teach children at a young age fun activities, games and ways to share and show their love of God.

Team work play helps kids learn to share with each other both physical activity and through telling stories and giving examples of how God has touched their every day lives.

The printable bible games offer a nice variety of learning activities for kids.

The Heart

6 or more players
One of the printable bible games where you need chalk or string

On the sidewalk or street, draw a big heart. If playing on grass, make a heart from heavy string. Inside the heart place 14 items - they can be anything that kids can grab and run with. Tell the kids these items are "sin" and each item removed takes sin from the heart. Divide the kids up into 2 even teams 20 feet from the heart. Make a line here from chalk or string.

At "go", the first kid in each line runs to the heart, grabs an object then runs back to cross the line. The next child in line takes a turn and play continues like this until all items are taken from the heart. The team whose member crosses the line first with the next to last object is the winner. (If an object is left in the heart, that team is the loser).

Hard Heart

2 or more players
Need bowl, water, marble, sponge

Place a marble in a small bowl. Pour water over it. One of the printable bible games where you can talk with the kids about what it means to have a hard heart and not be open to God.

Explain how the marble will not absorb the water and God's word is not absorbed into the heart. Next, place a sponge in the bowl and pour water over it. Tell the kids to notice how the sponge soaks in the water, just as how kids with open hearts soak in the word of God.

Heart Tag

6 or more players
Need construction paper, marker, scissors, tape

Cut hearts out of construction paper and tape to each kid's back. Kids line up in a circle and at "Go" each child tries to take hearts from other kids. The winners are the kids who have their hearts at the end of the game. One of the printable bible games where you can talk about how they have saved their hearts from evil and that their hearts were saved for good and for God.

Kind Heart

4 or more players

Place kids in a circle. The leader tells the kids they are going to imitate Jesus by saying one kind word about the kid sitting next to them. The leader starts. She may say something like "Jessica has beautiful blue eyes" or "James has a lot of patience." Play 3 rounds with each child saying something nice about the person to their right. Talk about how kind and gentle Jesus was after the play is over.

Stand by Me

6 or more players
need a blanket

Start by unfolding the blanket and having all the kids stand on it. Next fold it in half and the kids stand on this. Continue folding it in half and having the kids stand on it until they cannot fit on it. Talk to them about how we are to stand united with Jesus and how it gets more difficult as less people believe in Him. Discuss how Jesus believers can support each other each day.

Biblical Scramble

4 or more players
One of the printable bible games where you need a whiteboard, marker, bible

Sit the kids across on the floor. Write a word from the Book or a scripture verse on the whiteboard scrambled up. Have each child take a turn at unscrambling the word. If a verse, have one child unscramble one word, then the next child unscramble the next word in the verse.

For a verse, you can also write the words below the scrambled verse on the whiteboard and have the child write a "1" beside the first word of the verse, a "2" for the word that is the second word of the verse, etc.

Loaves and Fishes Race

6 or more players
Need fish crackers, mini pretzel sticks, spoon, basket, chalk, string, 2 bowls

Draw a large circle on the sidewalk or street or make a circle out of string on the grass. Place a basket filled with fish crackers and mini pretzels in the center. Divide the kids into 2 even groups lined up behind the other and give the first person in line a spoon.

Place one bowl beside the first team and the other bowl beside the second team outside the circle. At "go" the first person on each team runs to the circle, scoops up the crackers and pretzels and runs back to their team placing their goodies in the bowl.

The next person in line goes. Each team continues taking turns until the center bowl is empty. The team with the most crackers and pretzels in their bowl wins.

Think Before You Speak

4 or more players
Need liquid hand soap, paper plate

Put the kids in a circle and have one child squirt hand soap onto the plate. Once it's on there, begin discussing how important it is for kids to think before they speak. By doing this they are less likely to say something they will regret later.

Tell them that once the words are out, they can never be taken back. Let another child try and put the hand soap back into the container. When she can't do it, remind the kids this is how it is with words that are said.

My Treasure

4 or more players

Place the kids in a circle. Have each child bring a treasure, some object that is very important to him. Go around the circle and let each child tell everyone why it is important.

Once everyone has had a turn, talk about Jesus's rich parable and where your heart is, there your treasure is too. One of the printable bible games where you can talk about how the things of heaven are different from objects on earth and that they won't pass through Heaven's Gate.

Enjoy teaching kids the beauty and wonder of God with printable bible games that you can take with you wherever you want the kids to learn more about God.

Nature walks and family vacation drives give kids opportunities to share what is in their heart regarding love, God and the Book.

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