Preschool Learning Games

These preschool learning games for kids ages 2 - 5 offer ideas for teaching children their colors.

These include toddler games, toddler activities and preschool craft ideas.

All of these little kids activities can be played indoors.

If you're looking for activities that help your children learn the basic colors, try the ones here.

Be sure to supervise at all times when your child is doing an activity or playing.

All of these activities combine learning activities with doing something.

Your child learns as he or she does.

Learning is Fun!

She'll make something, draw something, help mom or dad with common household chores, and have fun while doing it.

She'll learn to spot objects in her surroundings that are the same color as the color she's learning.

This helps to reinforce in her mind what a color actually is.

cartoon boy in blue shirt and shorts holding a gold and tan kite

She'll learn that colors have different shades even though they are still called the same color.

She'll learn activities that use various shades of one color.

She can make collages and draw art work using the different shades of the same color.

There's Christmas activities and:

  • cooking
  • discovery
  • Easter
  • halloween
  • science
  • nutrition
  • and problem solving games.

Enjoy these preschool activities with your little ones!

Apple Craft and Black Jelly Beans

Blue Things and Collage Making

Color Easter Eggs and Colored Rubber Bands

Colorful Collage, Homemade Play Dough, Homemade Finger Paint

Lemon Pudding and Make a Collage

Paper Chains and Pumpkin Crafts

Purple Things and Ribbon Crafts

The Color Brown and Things That are Green

Kids love colors and parents can teach them the basic colors.

Let them find things around the house that match the color you are teaching them.

Teach them what animals are this color or what fruit is that color.

Have them match up the same color socks as the laundry is done.

Make learning fun and your kids will be eager to learn more!

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