Potato Sack Race

The Potato Sack Race is one of the very fun outside games for kids. It's also one of the classic kids outdoor party activities.

Sack races have been a fun activity for kids for ages!

Another classic that your parents and grandparents have played when they were growing up.

They may have even used the classic sacks!

If you have potato sacks you can certainly use those but as most people don't, pillowcases are the closest thing.

Use old ones as they will probably get some grass stains on them!

This race should be played on grass as it's a softer surface.


2 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: pillowcase, sticks for making lines


Teams may be made up or this relay can be run as an individual race.

Begin by making a starting line and a finish line 25 feet apart.

Each player, or the first player on each team, is given an old pillow case which he steps into and holds up.

Players line up behind the starting line.

The leader calls out, "One, two, three, GO!" and the players begin hopping towards the finish line.

If a player falls, she gets up and keeps hopping!


The winner can be decided in two ways. The winner can be the first player who hops across the finish line.

Or, once the players reach the finish line, they can turn and hop back to cross the starting line. The first player, or team, to do this wins.

Give the booby prize to the last place finisher!

Decide by the age of the kids how far to space the starting and finishing lines.

15 feet may be a good starting point for younger children. You can always lengthen the distance to the finish line if you need to.

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