Pool Follow

Pool Follow is one of the fun teamwork and water games for kids as well as kids summer outdoor games.

This is a fun play idea for the hot days of summer.

Children will need to use their observation and concentration skills - as well as agility skills - when playing in the pool!

Adult supervision is needed at all times for this activity.

Younger kids should only play in the shallow end of the pool.

They should be able to stand up in the water and only have it come up to their knees - or their waists at the very highest.

Have fun with all your friends!


3 or more players
Ages: 5 and up


One player is the leader and stands first in line. The other kids line up behind her.

The leader performs actions which the other players have to mimic.

The leader can doggie paddle, tip toe in the pool, float or any other action she chooses. The other players do exactly what she is doing.

After 3 minutes, the leader joins the other players while the player behind her becomes the new leader.

Play continues until all kids have been the leader.


You can also turn this into a water Simon Says without actually saying Simon Says!

You can have the leader facing the other kids so she can tell when they mess up or have an adult shout out the name of the kid(s) who mess up!

The other players will still do what the leader is doing in actions.

But the player or players who mess up will be out of the round (and out of the pool!).

The winner will be the last player remaining. That person will now become the new leader.

Try and play enough rounds so that each of the children can be a leader.

Then let everyone jump back into the pool and have fun swimming!

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