Play Tag

Play Tag - a fun kids activity. It's a classic that's great as blacktop games and recess games.

Young kids through teens will find this a fun play idea.

It's popular as a pick-me-up activity around the neighborhood, as a gym class activity and as a get-up-and-go play idea on the playground at break time.

This is loved by preschoolers to teens. It's a fun activity that gets kids up and moving around.

It's perfect for the playground, at a picnic, or in a large yard.

Not sure what activities to have your camp kids doing this summer?

This is a great one!

Before You Start

4 or more players
Ages 3 and up


Begin by choosing one player who will be "it". "It" is the player who will chase the other players.

The chaser closes her eyes and counts to ten while the other players move away from her.

At "ten" the chaser begins running after the other players, hoping to catch them.

The players try and steer clear of her as they don't want to be tagged.

If a player is tagged, he is the new, "it" and the fun begins all over again.

If you're playing tag competitively to decide a winner, each player who is tagged will be out of the round.

The last player standing becomes the new "it".


  • Depending on how many kids are playing, not everyone will be tagged by "it".
  • You can set a time limit as to how long this will be played.
  • If this is being played in gym class and there's a large group of children, break the kids into two teams. Let one team play a round until a certain amount of time has elapsed. Then let the second team play a round.

That way everyone will get a chance to have fun.

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