Play Reversi

Play Reversi a fun concentration game for kids. It's also one of the fun discovery kids games and fun memory activities.

This may sound difficult to play, but it's not.

Once you have a couple of moves under your belt, you'll be able to pick it up more quickly for the next round.


2 players
Ages: 9 and up
Need checkerboard


You'll need a set of 64 checkers as well. One player will be one color and the other player the other color.

Have the kids sit across from each other with the board between them.

Center squares are filled first, so the first player lays one of her pieces on one of the 4 squares (of any color) in the middle of the board.

The other player then does the same.

After the 4 center squares are filled, players have to put one of their pieces on any square on the board. One move per turn.

Moves must block the opponent's piece.

They need to be placed beside an opponent's piece and lined up (horizontally, diagonally or vertically) with a player's own piece.

When one player has trapped an opponent's piece(s) (the player's pieces are on both sides of his opponent's piece), his opponent's trapped piece(s) are replaced with checkers of his own color.

Play continues with each player placing a piece on the board at each turn, trying to trap his opponent's pieces and make them his own color.

A player who cannot place a piece next to an opponent's piece and lined up with his own will lose his turn until he can make a move.

The End

When either all squares are filled or there are no more moves for players to make, the round is over.

The winner is the player who has the most of his color checkers on the board.

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