Play or Pay

Play or Pay is one of the simple card games kids will learn quickly.


3 - 7 players
Ages 7 and up

Need standard deck of cards
20 items for each person (buttons, pennies, candy, gum, stickers)


After each player receives 20 items, each picks a card, and the highest card holder shuffles and deals all the cards, face down, one at a time. Cards should be arranged by value and suit.

The player on the dealer's left begins and lays one of her cards face up in the center. The player to her left has to lay down the next highest card in that suit.

Example, if player one lays down a 3 of spades, the next player has to put down the 4 of spades. If he doesn't have that card, he has to put one of his items into the middle next to the cards.

The next player to the left takes a turn, playing the next in sequence, same suit card if she can. If she can't, she places an item into the center of the table.

The ace is high and low here, meaning it can be placed on a king. A 2 can then be put on the ace.

The player who plays the last card of a suit starts the next hand with a card of any suit.


Play a card from a suit in which you have a lot of cards.

To Win

The winner of each hand is the first player who gets rid of all his cards.

He gets to take the treats in the center.

Losing players have to hand over one item for each card they have left to the winner of the hand.

Play continues after each hand with the next person to the left becoming the dealer.

After 10 rounds, the person with the most items is the winner of the game.

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