Play Chicago

Play Chicago - it is one of the fun party games for kids and math games for kids.

This activity can take a long time to play, depending on the skill of the players and the numbers that appear!

If you love the windy city, you'll love this fun filled play.

The Pre-Show

2 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need pencil, paper, dice


Players must roll the dice so the numbers add up, in sequence, from 2 to 12.


The first player begins and throws both dice. She wants to get 2 ones so her total adds up to 2. If she does, she gets 2 points.

The next player goes and play continues with each player trying to roll 2 one's for a total of 2.

After everyone has rolled for a 2, players then roll for a 3 (a 2 and a 1). If they succeed, they each receive 3 points.

Play continues with players then rolling 2 dice trying to get a 4 (and receive 4 points), then 5 (and receive 5 points), then 6 (and receive 6 points), etc up to 2 6's which equal 12 (and receive 12 points.)

At the end of the round, the player with the most points wins.

This activity can be quite challenging as it may seem like you are taking turn after turn and not getting the number you need!


Keep playing! Players who start out the slowest can come back and be the winner of the round!

You can also play another round and go backwards from 12 down to 2.

It's all in the luck of the roll, so you may find this activity goes on for a while.

That's okay! As long as you're having fun, play on!

Good luck and hope you are the winner!

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