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2 players
Ages: 8 and up
Need checkerboard and checkers


Have the players sit across from each other and the board will be in the middle of them. One player will be red markers and the other black markers.

Players take their markers and place them on the black squares in the 3 front rows facing them.

This leaves the 2 middle rows on the board empty.

The player with the black markers begins. Markers must always be on the black squares.

He moves his piece forward to any empty black square. It's one move per turn.

The next player then goes and moves his red piece forward to an empty black square.

Players want to move as many of their pieces as they can to the other player's side of the board.


Players can jump over each other's pieces and capture the other player's marker.

Jumps are made when a near by square is occupied by the opponent's piece, but the square beyond that is free.

The player jumps over the opponent's piece to the free square, and takes the opponent's piece off of the board.

Double and triple jumps are allowed as well. This entails jumping over 2 or more of his opponent's checkers if free squares are there.

Jumps must happen if they are there. If a player misses a jump, the opponent can take his piece that could have made the jump.

The player can also make the player who missed the jump take the jump if it would result in him being able to make a jump himself on his next turn.


Markers that arrive at the opponent's last row are now kings. It is crowned by putting a marker of your color from your opponent's captured pieces on top of it.

Kings can move forward, backward, jump forward or jump backward. Regular pieces cannot move backward or jump backward.

You can still jump kings just like other pieces and remove them from the board.


Play continues with each player making one move per turn.

The winner is the player who either captures all his opponent's pieces or who blocks his opponent from being able to make any more moves.

If neither player can make any more moves, the round can be called a tie. Or the player with the most captured opponent pieces can be the winner.

You can set a time limit on how long a player can strategize before he has to move. 2 or 3 minutes is good.

You can also state that if a player touches a piece, then he must play that checker and make a move. Neither of these has to be enforced to play checkers though!

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