Plastic Science Game

The plastic science game is one of the cool chemistry experiments and kids cooking games.

This is a very cool and fun experiment both for kids and their parents!

You drink milk don't you? Milk is definitely a liquid, isn't it?

You can drink it out of a glass, put it in coffee or tea and put it on your cereal.

Milk cream is also a liquid, and it's put into recipes and into coffee.

It's definitely edible!

Since it's a liquid and edible, there's no way to turn it into a solid that's inedible right?

Well, try this experiment and find out what happens!


Need: Milk cream (the kind you put in coffee), small jar, saucepan and vinegar

Have Fun!

Get 1/2 cup of milk and put into the saucepan. Have an adult heat the milk into it is very slightly boiling.

When the milk curdles, place 3 teaspoons of vinegar in the milk and stir.

Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar at a time until the milk becomes gelled, then remove from the heat and strain the liquid.

Place the gelled mixture into the jar for 60 minutes and set aside.

When you look at it after an hour, you should see plastic!

Yes - plastic! Something that no longer is able to be put into a mug of coffee and ingested!

If teachers have access to a small stove to heat the cream, this is definitely one experiment to do with the kids.

Have fun with the plastic science game.

Potato Game

Potatoes are a very versatile food. They taste good, too!

They can be fried to make french fries. They can be mashed to make mashed potatoes.

They're turned into potato chips. You can bake them and have a baked potato.

They're made into hashbrowns for breakfast and also home fries. You can boil them, bake them, broil them, fry them and microwave them.

In this experiment, you'll find out a major component of potatoes!

What's Needed

Need: 2 large potatoes, small bowl, scarf or bandana.


Let an adult peel the potatoes. After they're peeled, have the adult grate them.

Fill the bowl half full with water.

Take the grated potatoes and place them in the bandana or handkerchief. Tie the ends together.

Holding the bandana by the tied ends, dip the part of it where the potatoes are into the bowl of water. Squeeze the water back into the bowl.

Keep repeating - dipping into the water then squeezing the water back into the bowl.

The water should turn cloudy.

Let the water sit for at least 60 minutes. There should be powder at the bottom of the bowl and water on top.

Drain the water that's on top then leave the powder sit until it's dry.

Once dry, you have starch!

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