Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is one of the fun child party games and animal games for kids.

This is another beloved, fun classic that has been around for a long time!

How many times have you played with your friends?

Who doesn't remember playing this as a child?

Remember laughing when your blindfold was taken off and you saw you had pinned it on the head or the face or not even on the donkey at all!

Many a wall has been pinned throughout the years!

And, that's okay! That's what the fun is all about.

Before the Fun

4 or more players
Ages: 4 and up
Need game set, scarf or bandanna as a blindfold


Begin with an adult hanging the playing board on the wall. Place it at eye level for the kids.

Each child is given a tail and the fun begins.

It's best to use tape instead of tacks to put the tail on the donkey. Safety first!

The adult blindfolds the first player and spins her around 3 times then sets her on her way to the playing board.

Once the player gets there she sticks her tail on the board.

Play continues with each player spun around then sent in the donkey's direction to place its tail on the board.

The Finale

Once all players have gone, the winner is the player who's tail is closest to where the tail should be!


You can split the kids into two teams and play this way, too.

One child from each team will alternate going to try to pin it on.

Once all the kids have had a chance to play, the winning team will be the team with the tail closest to where it should go!

You can also play for a gag prize.

The child who has the tail pinned the farthest away will be the winner of that!

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