Picnic is one of the great travel games for kids. It's also one of the fun alphabet games that can be played anywhere.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up


Begin with Player # 1 saying "I'm going to the park and I'm bringing _______". She fills _______ in with a word or phrase that begins with an "A" (example - apricots).

Player # 2 says the sentence that player # 1 did and adds a word or phrase that begins with "B". (". . . and I'm bringing apricots and bagels".)

Player # 3 says the sentence that the first player said and adds a word or phrase that starts with the letter "C". (. . . and I'm bringing apricots, bagels and cheese".)

Play continues with each player stating the list of items the previous players said and then adding a word or phrase that begins with the letter of the alphabet he is on.

Once you get down the alphabet it becomes harder to remember what was previously said.

A player who can't remember the previous words or phrases is out.

If it's down to one player, he must be able to recite the whole basket. If he can, he wins. If not, he doesn't.

Parents and teachers, play along with the kids! You'll find this fun yet not quite as easy as it sounds!

For younger kids, you may want to play with half of the alphabet.

That will make it easier to remember items when you get down the alphabet.

You can say at the start of play that you will be playing with letters A through L.

For even more of a challenge, just play with vowels.

You'll keep going over the vowels until no more items can be thought of.

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