Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks is a fun concentration game and pure fun for everyone.

Another beloved kids classic that your parents and grandparents played when they were kids!

It's fun to play, easy to learn and old fashioned fun!

You can get this as a set in stores. This is one of the fun rainy day indoor play ideas for kids.

The set is inexpensive. Check at a dollar store in your town, or a discount store if there is one where you live.

It gets addicting as you just want to play one more time and see if you can do better than you did the last round.

Before You Start

2 - 4 players
Ages: 8 and up
Need pencil, paper


One player takes all the sticks in his hand and then places them on the table by letting them fall.

A player begins by picking up a stick without touching any of the other sticks.

The next player does the same, and play continues with each player taking a turn at picking up a stick.

If a player moves another stick or touches one, he loses that turn and the next player goes.


When all the sticks are picked up, the player with the most is the winner.

For older players, you can assign a specific number of points to each colored stick. Example, red will be 3, blue 6, yellow 9.

Add up the points when all sticks have been picked up and the highest point holder wins.


To make this even more challenging, you can assign each player a specific color of stick.

The object then becomes for each player to pick up only his colored stick.

The player with the most of his colored sticks will be the winner. Good luck!

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