Peanut Game

The Peanut Game is one of the silly games kids love. It's one of the cool kids indoor party games (or indoor activities on a rainy day).

Noses are what's used in this fun race!

If possible, this should be played on carpeting.

This is definitely an indoor activity.

It should not be played on cement, concrete or hard floors.

You want to make sure the children don't get injured.

Once the fun is over, let the kids unshell them and have a nice snack!

Be sure to have lots on hand so they can eat them!

Before You Begin

2 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need: one shelled peanut for each child, tape to make lines


Start by making starting and finish lines 15 feet apart with tape.

Depending on where you are playing, and the age of the kids, you can make the lines up to 25 feet apart.

Each player gets one peanut in a shell.


If younger kids find a peanut too difficult to push, you can give them marbles to use. Table tennis balls are another good object to use as well.

They roll and are a little easier for younger kids to move around.

Players then line up beind the starting line, kneeling on their knees.

A leader calls out, "Ready, set, GO!" and the players place their peanuts on the floor, get down on hands and knees and push their peanuts with their noses towards the finish line.

If a player touches her peanut with anything but her nose, she has to return to the starting line and begin all over.


Depending on the ages and number of players, the winner can be either the player who crosses the finish line first, or the player who, after crossing the finish line, turns and pushes his peanut back to the starting line, crossing over it.

We hope you have loads of fun with this as you laugh and try to beat all of your friends!

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