Password Game

Password Game is one of the fun guessing games and kids learning games.

Before You Play

5 players
Ages 10 and up
Need pencils and paper, timer


Begin with choosing a player who will lead the game. The other 4 players form 2 teams of 2 players.

The leader thinks of a word, writes the same word on 2 small slips of paper and gives it to one player on each team.

The other team player must guess the secret word by listening to one word clues from his teammate.

The teams take turns going first. Players can choose to let the other team go first if they cannot think of a word that is related to the secret word.

If a player guesses the secret word, her team gets one point.

Only one word is given for a clue. It must be similar in meaning to the secret word or related to the word.

If the asker says the secret word, the other team gets one point.

Play goes back and forth between the 2 teams until one team has guessed the word.

Set a time limit of 10 seconds for each guess. If a word is not guessed within 4 clues, no points are awarded and another word is chosen.

Teammates switch roles after each round. The player who was the guesser is now the asker. The person who was the asker is now the guesser.

Example: the secret word is "sky." Team 1 asker says "blue" and the guesser says "ocean." This is incorrect.

Team 2's asker says, "clouds" and the guesser says "sky." This is correct and that team gets one point.

The End

Choose a number of rounds before play begins. The team with the most points after all rounds is the winning team.

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