Pass It Down

Pass It Down is one of the fun kids indoor party games.

It's also one of the classic little kid activities that's easy to play.


8 or more players
Ages 3 and up
Need: 20 small objects such as jelly beans, pennies, bottle caps, marbles


Begin by forming 2 equal teams. For best results it's good to have 8 or more players for this relay race.

Have each team's players sit down on the floor, facing the other team.

Divide the 20 objects up, giving 10 to each team.

Each team should have the same objects. Put these down beside the first player on each team.

The leader begins by shouting, "Ready, set, GO!" and the first player on each team picks up one object from the floor.

He puts this in the hands of player # 2 beside him.

Player # 3 takes the object from player # 2 and places it in the hands of the player beside him, player # 4.

Play continues until the last player receives the item and places it on the floor.

Once the first item is on the floor, player # 1 selects another object and it continues being passed down the line.

Drum Rolls

The winning team is the team who passes all the objects down the line the fastest.

This is a great activity for younger kids teaching them hand-eye coordination.


You can also play by having the 4th player pass the objects back to player # 1 once player # 4 has received all 10 items.

Player # 4 will take 1 item, hand it to player # 3 who hands it to player # 2. Player # 2 hands it to player # 1, and player # 1 starts a pile.

If it sounds confusing, it's really not. You'll get on to it.

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