Paper Science Experiment

The cool paper science experiment is one of the fun science games for kids.

Before You Begin

Need: one sheet of computer paper, tape, and pen.


Cut the paper vertically into a one inch strip. If you have larger paper than 8" x 11", use that.

Holding the piece of paper between your hands so it's straight, go ahead and twist it in half.

Form the paper strip into a circle, then tape the ends together.

Hold the paper circle with one hand. Grab your pen then draw a line down the center of the paper until it covers the entire circle.

Remove the tape and straighten out the circle to its original long form. Both sides of the paper should have a line on it.

You can also cut the line with scissors when it's still taped together (or get an adult to help).

You should end up with a chain longer than your original one.

Cool right?

Once again, this is an easy experiment to do in the classroom, at Sunday school classes, at home or at camp.

Make learning fun and kids will devour it! When their young minds are stretched, curiosity is aroused and they find learning fun and not a chore, they will want to learn - and do - more.

This activity is good for larger groups as you can get many one inch pieces of paper out of one sheet of paper.

Have fun with this paper science experiment.

Pen Cap Experiment

It's one of the fun science and water activities that can be played at home or at school.

Again, this uses common items around your house.

Learning and teaching does not need to be expensive!

What You Need

One cap off of a pen, a plastic soda bottle with a cap (lid) (the smaller bottles), water and small piece of modeling clay


Fill the plastic bottle with water almost to the top. Leave about one inch of space from the top.

Using the piece of clay, attach this to the long "arm" of your pen cap at the very bottom.

Take your pen cap and put it into the water in the bottle. Your cap should float!

Take the bottle cap and put it back on the plastic bottle, securing it tightly.

Hold the bottle in your hands and squeeze both sides of it at the same time. Watch what happens to your pen cap! It should sink!

Try doing the same experiment without the clay. Watch what happens to the pen cap when it's placed in the bottle of water!


This is another experiment perfect to use with kids in elementary school.

Younger kids often like to DO to learn. These children love hands on experiments.

They learn by doing and watching. It's fun to them and makes learning easier.

It engages their minds, keeps them interested and is less likely to cause boredom.

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