Paper Football

Paper Football is one of the cool games for kids and fun activities for children.

This is one of the classic preteen games that's been played for ages in schools and homes.

Before the Fun

2 players
Ages: 7 and up
Need paper, pencil, tape, timer, coin


Begin by folding a piece of paper into the football.

Fold the paper in half (use the long side), then fold in half again. Fold the right bottom corner up to the opposite side's edge.

Next, bring the bottom right point up along the right edge. Continue folding until you cannot make any more triangles.

Tuck the remaining paper into the triangle to form your football.

paper folded in a triangle shap

Make the 50 yard line with tape on the table.

Any ball that goes off the table is out of bounds.

Toss a coin to determine who goes first.

That player picks up the football, stands it on an end on the table and using his index (pointing) finger, "kicks" the ball down the table.

The next player then goes, also kicking the ball with his finger. Each player is allowed 3 kicks when it's her turn.

A player gets a touchdown when half the football is hanging off the opposite end of the table. This is worth 6 points.

The player then tries for the extra point. The other player makes a goal post with his hands.

He puts the edge of each of his hands on the table, palms facing him.

He puts his 2 index fingers together, then sticks his thumbs up in the air to form the goal post.

The player attempting the extra point puts the football behind the 50 yard line on his side of the table. He then kicks it, attempting to land between the other player's thumbs.

If he does, he gets one more point for a total of 7 points. And he starts the next round.

If a player goes out of bounds 3 times in a game, his opponent can try a field goal. If he makes it, he gets 3 points.

He then starts the next round. If he misses, his opponent starts on the 50 yard line.

If a player, on the kickoff, makes the ball hang off the opposite edge of the table, he gets 2 points.


The play has 2 halves, about 5 minutes long. After one half is over, players switch sides.

At the end of both halves, the player with the most points wins paper football.

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