Paper Chains

Make paper chains and help your child learn different colors.

This is one of the fun craft ideas for toddlers, preschool kids games, toddler activities and Christmas activities for kids.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: different colors of construction paper, glue

Have Fun!

Cut 7" or 8" long strips of paper from the different colored paper. Make them at least 1" wide.

Talk about the different colors of paper as you cut and ask your child to name things he knows are that specific color.

Once all the strips have been cut, help your child fold them to make a circle. Help him glue the ends together.

Take the next strip and place it inside the first circle. Glue the ends together.

Continue until your child has made a chain that's as long as he wants.

Hang it on the tree as Christmas garland.

Instead of using glue, you can use scotch tape and tape the ends of each circle together.

The paper chains can also be hung around doors in your house, around columns or draped over doorways.


This is also a fun Easter activity when your child can use pastel colors. Get different shades of green construction paper and make a St. Patrick's day chain.

Use red, white and blue construction paper for a July 4th party chain. Hang it up around your patio for a pretty decoration your child will take pride in.

Use orange and black paper at Halloween. You can also cut pumpkins out of the orange paper and hang around your room for a fun kids Halloween party.

Fun Pumpkin Crafts

These are great for learning the color orange.

They're fun preschool craft, educational and toddler activities.

Before You Begin

Ages 2 - 5
Need: orange construction paper, orange crayons


Help your child cut out as many different sizes of pumpkins as he wants.

Let him draw the vertical lines on the paper like a real pumpkin has.

Talk about other things that are orange as you work.

If you have different orange colored crayons, talk about how one color can have many shades.

Let her draw faces on her pumpkins if she wants.

You can create a collage out of all her pumpkins by gluing or taping them onto a sheet of construction paper.

What are some orange things? Well oranges of course! Does your child like to eat them?

Cantalope is orange when it's opened up and you can see the inside of it.

Talk about how the sky looks orange when the sun is setting or rising.

Cheese balls are orange as is cheese flavored popcorn.

Your child may have orange clothes or orange toys. You could have a wall in your house painted orange.

Maybe your towels or curtains are orange.

Ask your child if he likes this color. Why or why not? Does he think orange is a happy color? Why?

Does he think of orange mainly at Halloween or at other times of the year? What would he think of an orange Christmas tree or orange Easter eggs?

Would he like his hair to be orange?

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