Outdoor Games For Kids

Outdoor games for kids are great when there's lots of players.

These get kids up and moving, help them focus on teamwork and encourage good concentration.

Let them burn off some pent up energy, get in shape, and have a lot of fun.

There's a good many activities for younger kids ages 3 to 5 here.

This age group loves action entertainment where they can run around with their friends.

Tag is an action children's classic that's great fun for preschoolers.

Follow the Leader encourages imitation skills in children as they attempt to do what the leader is doing.

They'll learn to focus on one person and imitate whatever moves he or she is making.

Gets Players Moving

cartoon boy with a green outfit with a blue 2 on his shirt wearing a blue ball cap beside his dog with a blue cap on and a heart on his collar

Duck, Duck, Goose, one of the great preschool activities for kids, is a classic circle activity where kids get lots of exercise.

They get to run around, which helps burn off young kid's excess energy.

Play these kids outdoor party games and camping games for kids any time of the year.

These are great:

  • and
  • indoor
  • gym
  • playground
  • recess
  • young kids
  • group
  • and picnic activities.

Enjoy these outdoor children's activities!

All of us remember playing these when we were kids.

These classics never go out of style, they're timeless entertainment for kids of all ages.

Parents can bring their love of these into the lives of their kids by teaching them how to play them and organizing these for them to play.

Or, parents can join in with the kids and play some of these with them!

Get them away from their computers for a bit and get them outdoors to have loads of fun with their friends.

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