Octopus is great for preschool games and playground games. It's one of the fun kid activities to play.

This fun play idea is great for younger kids.

It teaches them the importance of teamwork and working together as a group.

See if you can avoid being tagged as you walk across the ocean with your friends.


6 or more players
Ages 4 and up
Need: chalk or sticks


Begin by making the "ocean".

Make a line to mark the beginning of the ocean and another to mark the end of the ocean.

You can draw side lines if you want to make a big square.

Pick one player to be the "big fish". The other players are fish and stand at one end of the ocean.

The big fish cries out, "cross!" and the fish have to make their way across the ocean without being tagged by the big bad fish.

If a fish makes it to the other end of the ocean, he is safe.

If a fish is tagged, she has to help the big fish tag more fish crossing the ocean.

The tagged fish can hold hands to make it more difficult for the other fish to pass by.

And . . .

The winner of the round is the last fish standing. He then becomes the new big fish.


If you have a large group of children playing, you can separate the kids into two groups.

Each group will play its own rounds.

This also makes it more likely that each child in the group will be able to be the "big fish".

It becomes harder to get across safely when the big fish's team gains more players.

You can also set a specific time limit, and when that time has elapsed, then the play is over.

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