Ocean Waves Science Game

The ocean waves science game is one of the fun science experiments and water games for kids.

Kids love to vacation at the ocean. The lull of the crashing waves makes a beach vacation - well - a beach vacation!

Bring some of the ocean into your house as you do a fun experiment.


Need: empty plastic soda bottle and cap without the label, food coloring, water and vegetable oil


You can remove the label on the bottle by soaking it in hot water for a few minutes.

Fill the bottle with 3/4 cup of water and add food coloring until you get a nice color.

Pour in 1/4 cup of oil. Replace and secure the cap on the bottle.

Place the bottle on its side and observe it. You should see the colored water on the bottom and the oil on top of the water.

Pick up the bottle and move it up and down on the ends to create waves.

Observe the waves and see how you can make small waves and big waves.

If you have different colors of food coloring, try this experiment using a different color.

Which color is easier to see? Which color do you like best? Is blue coloring the best choice to mimic the ocean's color?

Try mixing two different colors of food coloring and see what color your ocean is!


Try this in the classroom! It's fun to do and uses materials you'll probably have in your classroom or at home.

Enjoy this ocean waves science game!

Paper Clip Experiment

Paper clips shouldn't float, should they? Well, that depends!

Well - logic tells us that paper clips will sink in water but science sometimes defies our logic!

Try this experiment and see what happens!

Before You Start

Need: paper clip, small bowl, q tip or toothpick and piece of tissue paper 3 inches long


Fill the bowl with water. Place your paper clip in the water? Does it float?!

Even though you are hoping it will, chances are it's going to sink to the bottom of your bowl.

Take your tissue paper scrap and place it on top of the water in the bowl.

Gently place the paper clip on the tissue paper without touching the paper or water.

Using a q tip or toothpick, gently push down on the tissue paper until it sinks to the bottom of the bowl.

Your paper clip should then float!

You can use different sizes of paper clips in this experiment.

See if one floats more easily than the other one. Try putting 2 paper clips on the tissue and see what happens.

Use colored paper clips for a pretty floating object!

This is another good experiment teachers can do with their kids in school.

Sometimes it's the simple things that make the biggest impressions on kids.

Using paper clips, water and paper tissue is a pretty simple thing - and easy to do!

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