Obstacle Races

Obstacle Races make for fun kids outdoor party games.

Safety first!

Never set up an obstacle course that is too difficult for kids of a certain age to run.

Ask kids what they think is fun and what their abilities are.

An adult must supervise and set up the course.

Any object the adult thinks is good for younger children to walk on, crawl over or under should be placed on the grass in whatever order the adult feels is appropriate to form an obstacle course.

Be sure to take the players' ages into consideration.


2 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need: objects that kids can jump over, crawl under, jump through


A large cardboard box with the top and bottom cut out is good for kids to crawl through.

A clothes line can be used and twisted around so that kids can walk on it, following the zigs and zags.

Small objects can be used so kids can hop over them. Even if they're only a few inches off the ground, kids can still jump over them fairly easily.

Safety is important here, so don't create races too difficult for kids to maneuver.

Hula hoops are fun and can be placed on the ground so that kids have to pick them up and either jump through them, or do the hula, before they can move on.

If there's a sliding board in the yard where the course is being run, the course can be set up where players have to slide before moving on to the next obstacle.

Same with swinging on jungle bars.

Each player takes a turn on the course. If he misses an obstacle he must go back and try it again and do it correctly before moving on.


The player who completes the course in the fastest time is the winner.

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