Numbers is one of the great kids outdoor party games and fun mind games that gets kids up and moving.

Teachers will find this a fun recess activity for their students.

It can be played on the playground or in the gym.

This can also be added into gym class as an extra activity for the kids.

Camp counselors can add this to their list of activities for the kids over the summer time when they have large groups of children.

Play should incorporate activity, learning and a chance to have fun.

When it does, children will eagerly look for more of these activities.


10 or more players
Ages 6 and up


This can also be played indoors, but you'll need a lot of space in the room. Make sure furniture is moved to the sides of the room.

An adult or teenager can be the leader. Count how many players there are before play begins.

Or have the children line up and count off.

The leader shouts out "Mix into twos" and each player must find a partner. If a player cannot find a partner, he is out.

If you have an even # of kids, you may want to start with "3's" and skip "2's" since everyone will have a partner.

"Mix into threes" is then yelled out and a player must find 2 other partners.

If she cannot, she is out.

Play continues with #s being called out and players having to find partners to make up that #.

For large groups of 10 or more, "mix into 5's, 6's or 7's" may certainly be called out.

If there are 4 or 5 players remaining, calling out to mix into 6 or more won't work.

It's Over!

The winners are the last 2 players remaining.

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