New Years Eve Party Ideas

Throw a cool party with your friends with some New Years Eve party ideas.

It is a perfect time for a fun sleepover party since you'll be up until at least midnight.

With the right food, friends and party hats and noise makers, it will be a night you and your friends remember for a long time.

New Years Eve Decorations

If you celebrate Christmas, your holiday decorations will probably still be up.

If not, head to the dollar store for different colored balloons, streamers or Happy New Year banners.

You can use colored garland in place of streamers and make a banner and have all your friends help decorate and color it in.

New Years Eve party ideas include hats and noisemakers, so get these at the dollar store. Check and see if they have paper plates, napkins and plastic cups that say "Happy New Year".


If you can find inexpensive noisemakers, attach a party invitation to this with the party details and pass them out to the invitees.

Party hats work well, too. Attach the invite and inform the party guests that they will need to wear this hat to get into the party.

You can make your own invitations with clip art online, or print out invitations from your computer and decorate them with festive stickers.

Food Ideas

Hot dogs and sauerkraut are traditional New Year's Day food, but if the kids really like them, serve them at the party. Pizza is also a good party food, either homemade or ordered in.

You can have a sandwich buffet with assorted breads, meats, cheeses and toppings. Or order a few foot long subs and cut into 2 inch sections.

How about tacos? Lay out the taco shells, it's nice to have some hard shells and some soft shells, and toppings such as beef, chili, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Your guests can build their own tacos.

For drinks, have fizzy drinks so you and your guests can toast at midnight. Ginger Ale and sparkling water are good.

New Years Eve party ideas include munchies, so don't forget the snacks: potato chips, nachos, cheesies, pretzels, peanuts, popcorn and dips.

New Years Eve Games

Pin the 12 on the clock is a fun game. On construction paper, draw a big circle. This is your clock.

Put numbers 1 to 11 on the paper, in the order they are on a clock. Do not put 12 on the clock.

On another sheet of construction paper, cut out as many 12's as there are party guests. Make these the same size as the other numbers. Attach tape to the back side and pass out to the kids.

Using a scarf or bandana, blindfold each child, spin them around and set them off in the direction of the clock. Make sure the clock is placed at child height!

Once he reaches the clock, he sticks the 12 where he believes it goes. After each child has taken a turn, the one with his 12 closest to the place it should be, gets a special treat.

More New Years Eve Party Ideas and Activities

Other include word scrambles and playing hangman using words related to New Year's Eve and day (football, party, hats are some examples).

You can also write New Years Eve down the side of sheets of paper, one per child. When someone shouts, "go" each child has to make words related to New Years out of each letter.

Example, the letter "N" can be "new", "W" can be "wieners" (hot dogs). Or it that's too difficult, have each child write a name that starts with each letter.

Finally, play musical chairs to Auld Lang Syne.

Turn on the tv, watch the countdown, then let the fun and noise begin at 12.

Enjoy the New Years Party ideas!

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