Name That Tune

Name That Tune is one of the fun musical games for kids and guessing games.

This is also one of the fun party activities for kids. Players try to name songs after hearing a few notes.

Have you ever watched this on tv? Ask your parents and grandparents if they have!

This was one of the very fun television shows that everyone could play along with.

It's fun to play as a family on car trips or even around the house!

If younger kids are playing, make sure the songs are songs they know, like nursery rhyme songs.

Preschool and kindergarten teachers can use this in the classroom. It's good for memory, too.

Teenagers can pick a singer or group and play that way. Parents can pick their favorite era and hum songs from that time.

You can also pick a class of music - rock, easy listening, 70's, 80's and 90's or country

Before You Sing

2 or more players
Ages: 8 and up


One player is the singer. She begins by humming or whistling one note. The players then try to guess the song.

Don't worry if you think you can't sing! This isn't a singing contest at all, so have fun with it.

If they can't guess the song, she adds one more note and hums or whistles 2 notes. The players try to guess the song title again.

If noone guesses it this time the singer hums 3 notes.

musical notes

Play continues with the singer adding a note onto the previous notes until the song is guessed.

The player who guessed the song is the new singer.

One thing that doesn't work is tapping your fingers on the table.

The only person who has that tune in his or her head is the person doing the tapping.

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