Name Six

Name Six is one of the neat party games for kids as well as being one of the fun brain games for kids.

Before You Play

10 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: small ball

The Fun Starts

Begin by having the players form a circle and start passing the small ball around the circle.

Designate a player to be the leader, and he stands outside the circle calling out one letter of the alphabet.

Whoever is holding the ball when the letter is called out has to name 6 things that begin with that letter before the ball comes around to him again.

Example, if the letter "C" is called out the player can call out, "Cat, candy, cigar, cheese, car, card."

If the letter is "H", she can call out "hair", "hat", "halo", "hand", "heel", and "heart".

If the player cannot call out 6 words before the ball comes back around to him, he still stays in the circle and the ball continues to be passed around the circle.

The leader calls out a new letter when a player who hasn't had a turn has the ball.

If the new letter is "E", the player can call out, "eel, eyes, ears, elevator, eggs, eyeglasses."

If the letter is "L", he can say, "licorice, lace, lamp, luggage, lemon, lime."

Once each player has taken a turn, the players who did not call out 6 words in time are out.

Play continues like this, and the winner is the player who calls out 6 words before he gets the ball again.

This sounds easy, but once you begin and the action gets fast paced, it gets difficult to think of six words.

For younger kids, if six words is too hard, try lowering it to four or five.

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