Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift is one of the fun valentine party games for kids and musical games for kids.

Who doesn't like getting presents? Everyone does!

So get something you know the children will be excited about winning!


4 or more players
Ages: 3 and up
Need radio or cd player for music


Before starting the activity, an adult wraps a toy or puzzle the kids will like in 8 layers of wrapping paper.

For a large group of kids, you can use 10 to 12 layers of paper.

You can also use 2 or 3 presents for larger groups.

It's fun to use different wrapping paper if you can. Mix it up!

She then writes a note on each layer of paper which tells the child who removed a layer of paper to give the present to a different player so he can open it.

Players form a circle by sitting on the floor. The adult gives the package to one player.
The adult starts the music and the kids pass the present around the circle.

When the adult stops the music, the player with the package reads the written note out loud.

It could say "give the present to the player on your left" (or the player with blue on, with blond hair or whatever notes the adult comes up with).

She then gives the present to that player as instructed by the message, and that player unwraps one layer.

After he's done, the music plays again and play continues as before with the player holding the package when the music stops giving it to the person the note instructs to unwrap another layer.

And . . .

The winner is the player who unwraps the last wrapping paper layer.

He uncovers the present which he gets to keep.

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