Fun Musical Game

This musical game is one of the fun slumber party games and birthday party games for kids.

This is great fun for players. It tests their motor skills by letting them pass a ball around the circle to each other.

It tests their agility and coordination by letting them pick an article of clothing out of a bag and quickly putting it on.

It fosters their concentration abilities and critical thinking skills as well.

Players will want to keep in mind in advance what article of clothing they will pick out next if they need to.

It's best to start with one item each of shirts, pants, hats, socks and shoes instead of layering shirt upon shirt on themselves.

Get the kids up and moving with some fun, toe-tapping tunes!

Before Play Starts

Ages 5 and up
7 or more players

Need a bag of clothes such as shirts, socks, pants, hats, scarves, gloves and shoes


Begin by filling a big bag with loads of old clothes.


It is good to fill the bag until it is ready to burst!

Everybody sits in a circle. Hand one child a ball.

When the music starts to play, the kids pass the ball to each other around the circle.

The player who has the ball starts off the game by passing it to the player who is on his left.

After a minute or two suddenly stop the music.

Whoever is holding the ball closes his eyes and picks something out of the bag. Then the player has to put it on.

Continue playing until all the clothes are on the players or for a set amount of time.

If you're playing to find a winner, it will be the player with the least amount of old clothes on.

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