Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is one of the fun indoor party games and cooperative games for kids.

Most people have played this a good number of times as they are growing up!

Classics like these live on as they are great fun for young kids and older kids.

Parents like to play this, too!

This old time favorite is a much loved party classic.

Not only do kids love to play it, adults do, too!

This is also a fun and popular activity for teachers to play with their students at school in the classroom. 


6 or more players
Ages: 3 and up

Need chairs - 1 less than the number of kids playing, radio or cd player for music


Arrange the chairs in a circle beside each other.

Players line up in a circle around the chairs.

The adult leader starts the music and the kids walk around the circle of chairs.

The music is then stopped, and the kids have to find a seat to sit down on. The player without a chair is out of the round.

One chair is then removed and play continues as before. After each round, one chair is removed.

When 2 players are left, one chair remains.


The winner is the player who sits down on the chair after the music stops.

This activity gets the kids up and moving. There's something so funny about seeing each other scrambling for a chair! You'll laugh a lot!

You'll find that as two kids go to sit down on the chair that one actually sits on the chair seat while the other kid ends up sitting on the other child's lap!

Of course, that person would be out of that round!

So how'd you do playing this? Did you beat your friends?

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