Music Game

This music game is one of the kid birthday party games and activities for children.

It's one of the silly games kids will love.

This is also a fun elementary school classroom activity idea.

It teaches the kids concentration and motor skills.

Play as part of a lesson.

And, it gets them up and moving and laughing!

Fun is good!

Try this the next time the kids need a fun break.

You'll find it's really hard not to laugh when the other kids are trying to make you laugh!


4 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need radio or cd player for music


Begin with the players scattering throughout the room or yard.

If playing inside, make sure there is plenty of space in the room so the kids don't trip over anything.

The adult starts the music and the kids start dancing. Players can sing and whistle, too!

The music stops quickly and when it does the players must freeze in their positions - like a statue.

They remain like that until the music starts again.

If a player moves or talks, she is out of the round. She'll go and stand to the side.

The music is restarted and play continues as before with dancing and singing until the music stops and players freeze.

Players who are out of the play can try and get the statues to move or laugh in hopes they get eliminated as well.

Drum Rolls . . .

The winner is the player who is the last remaining statue. Hopefully that will be you!

You can put the kids into teams and play this way, too. The team with the last person standing will be the winner.

Each team's members who are out can try and get the other team's remaining members to laugh and move!

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