Muggins is a good observation game, and one of the cool card games kids will love.

Watch every players' moves and hope they make a mistake!


4 - 8 players
Ages 7 and up
Need standard deck of cards


Begin with each player picking a card. The highest card holder shuffles and deals four cards, face up, in the center.

These start stacks that grow larger as the game continues.

She then deals each player the same number of cards, face down.

Don't peek at the cards! Left over cards are put face up on any of the stacks in the middle.

The object is to get rid of all your cards during play.

The player on the dealer's left starts and turns over the top card in her stack.

If the card is one number higher or lower than any of the face up cards in the middle, she lays her card face up on that pile.

The suit doesn't matter.

Example, a player turns over a 9 and an 8 or 10 are in a middle stack, she puts her 9 there.

If a card can go on more than one pile, the player can choose the pile she wants to place it on.


Aces are low and can only be played on twos. Kings are high - only queens can be played on kings.

If the first player can't play her card on one of the center stacks, she puts it face up next to her face down stack. The player to her left tries to play a card from his stack.

If he can't, he can try and play on the first player's new face up stack. If he can't do that, it's the next player's turn.

The game continues as players flip their cards over and play them (if they can) on to middle stacks or on other players' face up stacks.

A player has to put her card on a middle stack whenever she can.

And, if a card can't be played on a middle stack but can be played on more than one opponent's stack, he has to choose the opponent closest to his left.

Confused yet?! This is what makes the game fun. Each player watches the others to see if they break the rules with a wrong play or card.

If someone makes a mistake, the player who sees it yells "Muggins".

The person who made the mistake has to take one card from the face down piles of all his opponents and add it to his own stack.

Play continues until a player is out of all his cards and is the winner.

If he runs out of face down cards, he turns his face up pile over and plays with these.

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