Mother May I

Mother May I is one of the cool outdoor and group games for kids.

Let your parents and grandparents tell you about the good old days when they were outside until it was dark having fun with this.

Another fun classic that's been passed down from generation to generation.

Turn off the computer, get away from the video activities, and get outside with your friends!

This is a great activity for elementary aged kids during playground recess time.

It teaches children rules and respect for rules - also respect for mothers!

It also hones in on the listening skills. Sometimes you forget to ask for permission and move anyway!


4 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need: chalk or sticks to make a line


Make a starting line and a finish line 20 - 30 feet apart.

One player is chosen to be Mother. Mother takes her place at the finish line and the other players line up in a row at the starting line.

Players take turns asking Mother for permission to do things.

Example, a player can say, "Mother can (may) I take 5 steps forward?" Mother then replies.

Mother may say, "No, but you can take 3 baby steps forward."


The player cannot move forward until he says, "Mother can (may) I?"

Mother may answer, "No you may not", or "Yes, you may". If Mother answers, "yes" the player may move forward as Mother said.

If a player doesn't proceed as Mother directed, or forgets to ask, "Mother can I" he must go back to the starting line.

The first player to reach the finish line is the winner. Good luck as you try to outsmart your friends!

Kids can play as many rounds as they want with a different child being Mother each round.

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